Sunday, 27 July 2008

Fabrics for August Mini Wardrobe Contest

Fabrics for August Mini Wardrobe Contest

Top, embellished blouse fabric
Left, dark brown lace knit
Centre, variegated knit
Right, linen mix fabric

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Monday, 28 April 2008

Copied from RTW headband

Copied from RTW headband
PR review of Headband
Cut fabric pieces as follows:-
one piece 16 inches by 7 inches.
two pieces each 4.5 inches by 12 inches.
neaten the long edges of the first piece and turn under and stitch.
Fold the narrow pieces in half and sew along the long edges and diagonally across the corner, turn and press.
Tuck the exposed edges under and press.
Now pleat the wide piece and tuck the ends into the narrow pieces - topstitch to secure and wear.
This can be worn many different ways
1. Use as a cumberbund with the pleated section at the front and tie at the back (for a wider waist you may need to lengthen the tie for this)
2. Wear with the pleated section under you hair and the ties showing on the top of the head.
3. Wear with the pleated section gathered up and a headband with the ties hidden under your hair.
4. Spread out the pleated section in the style of a headscarf and tie under your hair.
5. Tie at the neck as a neckerchief.

New Look 6430 Top

I sewed this New Look 6430 Top in a rust knit. It wasn't as stretchy as the pattern envelope required, so a cut it a bit larger.

New Look 6430 Knit Top

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Simplicity 4699 Cropped Pants

Simplicity 4699 Cropped Pants
Here is the Simplicity 4699 cropped pant in a drapey poly/viscose mix cropped pant. I cut a broad band for the waistline and inserted a wide elastic, eliminating the zipper.
A quick and easy garment and part of my PR Wardrobe 2008.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

PR Wardrobe progress

My Wardrobe Plan

My plans/progress for the Pattern review Wardrobe Contest 2008 are as follows:-
* Dark navy brocade coat - completed - Simplicity 4699 Navy Jacket
* Peach shell knit top - completed - Simplicity 4699 Peach Top
* Navy skirt - completed - Loes Hinse Gore Skirt
* Navy denim pants - completed - New Look 6415 Denim Pants
* Burnt orange knit top - completed - Simplicity 4076 Knit Top

Dark navy brocade bag - CUT OUT
Burnt orange stripe blouse -CUT OUT

Still to decide
Another top
Another skirt
Another pant

New Look 6415 Pants

New Look 6415 Pants

Simplicity 4076 Knit Top

Simplicity 4076 Knit Top

Simplicity 4699 jacket/coat

Simplicity 4699 jacket/coat

Monday, 14 April 2008

Current plans

I finished my Timmel SWAP and am just doing a few more photos.
Timmel SWAP by RuthieK

I didn't want my PR entry to be just the Timmel SWAP with a bag, so I've gone for a variation on the colour scheme and only 2 of the garments (2 knit tops) are in both wardrobes. Some of this is because other items which would work were sewn before the PR contest started.

So I have 5 garments completed, 2 items cut out and ready to sew and fabric but not confirmed patterns and only 2 weeks left to sew it all and enter all the reviews.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Sunday, 23 March 2008

More items done

I still have one more day on the Easter holiday weekend, but I am pleased with my progress so far.
Navy brocade jacket (lined with pockets and buttons)
Navy denim bootcut pants (stretch with back zip)
Red orange knit wrap top from Simplicity 4076

already done
Peach shell top
Navy gore skirt

So I have 5 items completed for the wardrobe

Still to come by the end of April:-
navy brocade bag
2 more bottoms
1 blouse
1 knit top

Monday, 17 March 2008

First Outfit!

here's the first completed outfit

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Simplicity 4699 Jacket/Coat in navy brocade in progress.

Simplicity 4699 Jacket/Coat in navy brocade in progress.

I know I've not been reporting much here on the blog. I have started sewing the Simplicity 4699 Jacket/Coat in navy brocade and its going well.
This is part of my PR wardrobe. I had originally planned a burnt orange jacket/coat which I will still sew, but I decided that I'm going for the navy in the wardrobe to make more of an ensemble look with the yet to be made navy bottoms.
I've also decided to line it, although this isn't included in the pattern as the brocade is cotton and not in the least bit slidey I think it would be hard to get on and off without.

So I have a lot to do yet - attach collar and facing and sleeves, and add lining.
Photos will come later :-)

Monday, 25 February 2008

reorg time

I have been reorganising my computer and sewing space into one hobby room, and decided to start by packing everything up and repainting the room. The paint job is great now just have to unpack and arrange everything in the right place.
I won't be sewing for a little while, but at least have the computer working again!

I realise this was a crazy thing to do during the wardrobe contest but when I got the idea to do it I just wanted to get it done not wait any longer, and hopefully I will be massively productive once my space is ready.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Cut out first top Simplicity 4699

Tonight I cut out my first garment for the 2008 Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest.
Its the knit shell from Simplicity 4699 in dark peach slinky. It has two pieces - a front and a back so all the time goes on finishing off all the edges, with special care being taken with the neckline.
Hopefully it will be finished Friday/Saturday and you can see me modelling it. I always think its more helpful to see the garments on a real, no model body, then you know what it looks like in a size 16 :-)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wardrobe Plans

My plans for the Pattern review Wardrobe Contest 2008 are as follows:-
Burnt orange coat
Rust cropped pants
Peach shell knit top
Burnt orange crinkle blouse
Cream blouse
Peach blouse
Navy pants
Navy skirt
Navy denim pants
Brown faux leather tote

I will post individual reviews as I complete the garments.
I plan for the burnt orange coat, the peach shell and the tote bag to be from Simplicity 4699. And I may well make one or all of the pants from this too and really get my money's worth from the pattern.

The burnt orange crinkle blouse is likely to be a wrapover with sleeves though the details are not worked out yet. Its lovely fabric which I bought on the PR weekend in Germany in 2007, but the crinkliness is likely to be the challenge there.

The peach blouse is from quite a sheer fabric, its a light peach and maybe no good for my skintone, so it may yet not make it. I will ask a couple of my girlfriends before I spend time on it.

The navy skirt will probably be from the Loes Hinse Gore skirt, heavily modified, and the cream blouse is going to be a women's shirt style blouse with shaping etc.

Let's see how much I match up to my original plan going forward.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My plan for 2008

There's a lot of debating about accessories and other variations to the plan, but I am sticking to the core as I see it and making a jacket, 4 tops, 4 bottoms and a bag.
Any of the tops can be worn with any of the bottoms and with or without the jacket and/or bag which seems pretty mix and match to me.

Sewing on this cannot start until 1st Feb which is fine as the things I am working on now are only for the Timmel SWAP which has different timescales and rules. That is Friday though! and I probably won't have finished everything planned for January by the end of Thursday night LOL

PR Wardrobe Contest

The 2008 PR Wardrobe contest starts on 1 Feb which is this Thursday.
The discussion thread on Pattern review is here

Here's the rules:-
Contest dates: February 1st to April 30th

There will be two winners based on votes
Special condition: only PR members who have been on the site for more than 3 months can join this contest.

Prizes: First Prize: $175 gift certificate from Second prize : $125 gift certificate from Both winners are based on reader votes.

Rules and FAQ for the 2008 Wardrobe Contest

Total pieces required: 10

Out of which:
1 should be an accessory
- one of the following Scarf/Belt/Bag/Hat/Gloves/Shoes/Slippers. Since this is a standalone item, you don't really have to make it from the fabric you used for your wardrobe, but it should go with at least one or two outfits. So for a black/brown/white wardrobe, a purse with a wild geometric print in black and red is allowed. But gloves made from lime green leather are not.

A note on scarves and belts. A piece of fabric with rolled hem will not be allowed a scarf, same thing applies to a belt. Both items should have some design element to them. If you have doubts about your accessory not being counted, please check with the Contest manager or Deepika before you start to work on it.
1 should either be a Jacket or a Dress
- The dress should still have something in common with the wardrobe. So, either the fabric should go with the rest of the wardrobe, or the style should match, example if you are sewing a vintage style wardrobe, the dress should echo that. Or if you are doing a black/white/brown wardrobe, the dress can't be pink or aqua. Get the picture?? Same thing goes for the jacket. You can use a different fabric for the jacket. So for a black/white/brown wardrobe, you can use a tweedy fabric as long as it ties the colors.

4 Bottoms (Pants/Capris/Skirts)

4 Tops (T-Shirts/Blouses/Sweaters)

1. Can I enter more than 10 pieces?
You can enter more pieces in your Wardrobe as long as you meet the requirements above ( 1 accessory, 1 dress/jacket, 50% tops, 50% bottoms). So if you are entering 14 items, 6 of them should be tops and 6 bottoms.

2. Can I enter items from my other contests on or outside of
As long as your entries meet the requirements of this contest you can enter the items.

3. Can I start sewing/cutting before February 1st?
All the sewing and cutting should be done within the contest dates. So Feb - April. You can use the time before that to make your wardrobe plan, test your patterns, pre-treating your fabric etc.

4. How should I enter the items in the contest?
Create a Master WIP (work in progress) type review on PR with "Other" as the Pattern Company and "Wardrobe Contest 2008" as the Pattern Number. As you make items for your entry, you can just edit your master WIP review and add more info. If you are using a pattern which you haven't reviewed before, add a separate review for it so there is a record. Then you can just link to that review from your Master WIP review. When you are ready to submit the entry to the contest report, create a photo with all the items in it. I will provide more info on this later.

5. Can I enter cardigans or twin sets as tops?
Yes, you can.

6. Are knitted (machine or hand) or crocheted items allowed?
No, they are not.

7. I am doing hand rolled hems and hand beading the edges on my scarves. Will that count?
Unfortunately, this will not count. A good example of a scarf which will be allowed is Ripply Scarf from Issue #119 Threads Magazine

8. Do I need to do a storyboard?
No, it's not a requirement. If you'd like to do a storyboard, then please do. However, at the end of the contest you do need to have one photo with all your items in it.

9. Can I amend my storyboard after the contest start date?
Yes! As long as your wardrobe pieces all tie together by the end of the contest.

10. If I've entered an item in the contest and it turns out that it doesn't coordinate with my wardrobe, can I replace it?
Yes, you can. Please let me know and I will un-enter the item for you.

11. What is a 'design element' as far as the scarf or belt is concerned?
Think about sewn elements – so multiple pattern pieces, or pleats, darts, frills etc.

12. What about shoes and slippers?
Shoes which are moulded, glued or made with a special cobbler’s sewing machine are not allowed. Shoes or slippers which would count (and able to be made on a home sewing machine) could be ones made as part of a wardrobe for an infant or toddler, for example.

13. Can I make an apron or lingerie as my accessory?
Unfortunately, no. However, if you would like to make these items in addition to your other wardrobe items, please do!

14. Can I enter shorts as a bottom?
Yes, you can.

15. Do the wardrobe items need to be coordinating?
Yes. The whole wardrobe should be cohesive and look like a wardrobe. Something you'll be able to mix and match in a jiffy and not worry about it. Any extra items you make (over the minimum 10) should also match. Please see the rules above for more details on dresses and jackets.

16. A vest can count as a top or a jacket, depending on whether you wear it alone, or with something underneath.

17. A capelet (which just covers your shoulders) would count as an accessory.

18. A cape or poncho doesn't fall into any of the categories, so couldn't be included as one of the items in the wardrobe.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Plans for Pattern Review Wardrobe 2008

My plans for the Pattern review Wardrobe Contest 2008 are as follows:-
Burnt orange coat
Rust cropped pants
Peach shell knit top
Burnt orange crinkle blouse
Cream blouse
Peach blouse
Navy pants
Navy skirt
Navy denim pants
Brown faux leather tote

July 2007 Pattern Review Wardrobe Summary