Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wardrobe Plans

My plans for the Pattern review Wardrobe Contest 2008 are as follows:-
Burnt orange coat
Rust cropped pants
Peach shell knit top
Burnt orange crinkle blouse
Cream blouse
Peach blouse
Navy pants
Navy skirt
Navy denim pants
Brown faux leather tote

I will post individual reviews as I complete the garments.
I plan for the burnt orange coat, the peach shell and the tote bag to be from Simplicity 4699. And I may well make one or all of the pants from this too and really get my money's worth from the pattern.

The burnt orange crinkle blouse is likely to be a wrapover with sleeves though the details are not worked out yet. Its lovely fabric which I bought on the PR weekend in Germany in 2007, but the crinkliness is likely to be the challenge there.

The peach blouse is from quite a sheer fabric, its a light peach and maybe no good for my skintone, so it may yet not make it. I will ask a couple of my girlfriends before I spend time on it.

The navy skirt will probably be from the Loes Hinse Gore skirt, heavily modified, and the cream blouse is going to be a women's shirt style blouse with shaping etc.

Let's see how much I match up to my original plan going forward.

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