Saturday, 30 June 2007

Home Dec Entry 3

Napkin rings

Entry 2 for Home Dec Contest

Recycled table mats to match kitchen curtains.

And with Sewing Room Helper!

Entry for Home Dec Contest

If I enter a contest on PR I try to sew something and post it, even if I can't do everything I planned.
Cushion to make the Ikea toy box - used for current sewing projects next to the sewing machine - into a window seat of sorts.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Progress in Pictures

1/2 way through the contest

AnneM has reminded us today that we are half way through the contest of sewing 10 co-ordinating wardrobe items.

So far I have sewn 2 pairs pants, 3 tops and 1 bolero jacket - so 6 items out of the 10.

I also have another pair of pants partly completed so the date looks quite achievable.

I still have not decided quite what to count as my 'accessory' item, either the bolero jacket or maybe sew a tote bag (although I have lost the pattern)

So still to sew as a minimum are
  • partly completed pants (to match bolero jacket)
  • dress
  • stripe shirting top
  • plus one more item either the khaki tote bag or another top
once those are done I may sew some other co-ordinating items or go off and sew somthing else completely different!

Khaki Pants #2

Here's another pair of pants made from my TNT elastic waist pattern - Simplicity 7187 long out of print.
These ones are in a khaki green microfibre.
This pair I have worn all day which shows they crinkle badly but they are nice and comfy.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Top completed - Simplicity 5099

Here's my completed top made from Simplicity 5099.
I combined elements but I suppose it is closest to View B, without the wierd gathering on the sleeves, and with the shorter bell sleeves from View D

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Lovely fabric

I went to the fabric store today to purchase zips, lining etc in Khaki to finish up my plan.
I did buy those things but I also bought this linen mix printed fabric, which almost looks like its embroidered.

It has a soft-black background with printed flower design. (soft-black is like when you print something in econo mode and its not really dark black) I am imagining it as jacket with plain soft-black bottoms and simple plain bright tops.
Absolutely scrumptious.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

holes in my wardrobe' sewing plan

I am only part way through and as ever on the long contests my energy wanes I get distracted and want to start sewing things which are not on the plan.

The weather had been very warm here which showed up that I need more light weight trousers smart enough for work, also co-ordinating little jackets, but none of those things are on the current plan which has me doubting a little on the way forward.

I almost need a 'holes in my wardrobe' sewing plan of the stuff I actually need. perhaps I will drop out and do that instead LOL.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Fabrics for rest of Wardrobe

Fabrics for rest of Ward -robe

These are the other fabrics I plan to use to complete the wardrobe.
Top left, bright coral crinkle, top in S5099.
Top right, stripe shirting, shirt/top TBA
Bottom left, print cotton lawn, dress in S5099 adapated
Bottom right, khaki for pants and bag, pattern TBA.

The in progress pants are in the same fabric as the little bolero jacket in the bar on the right.

Fabrics and in progress pants

here are the fabrics for the remaining garments with in the in progress pants folded on the top.

RTW purchase

This pic shows a recent RTW purchase. A top which works pretty well with the planned Khaki pants and the partly completed Rusty Coral pants.

Replanning results

Ok the results of my replanning are that the wardrobe pretty much stands as is only I am going to remove the khaki jacket and skirt and add a khaki tote bag instead.
So the items are:-
1 Khaki elastic waist pants (done)
2 Coral and cream print knit top (done)
3 Coral cowl neck top (done)
4 Rust pink bolero jacket (done)
5 Rust pink pants (in progress)
6 Coral mock wrap blouse (*)
7 Stripe wrap blouse
8 Cotton lawn print dress in khaki/orange/pink (*)
9 Khaki pants 2 - not sure of style
10 Khaki Tote bag

I have a lot of co-ordinating fabrics for this Wardrobe collection, so I may go on and sew another stage myself, either once I have finished the items above but still within the competition timeframe OR sometime later on in the summer.

I'm also participating in the One Pattern, Multiple Looks (June 1 to July 31) competition and the items marked (*) are also being entered into that! So maybe I will sew some more variations of that pattern once I am done with the main Wardrobe list!
I sat with my sewing notebook and came up with '26' variations on Simplicity 5099. Obviously I would not do them all, but I could manage more than 2 I reckon.

New plans

I will have to have a bit of a rethink and see how I can adapt my plan to fit with the new rules.
I have only sewn 4 things and have 1 in progress so I think that its no great problem to me once I work through the options available.
Plus have a think of what accessory item I can sew.


The basic concept of the contest, with the new rules, is still the same: sew a wardrobe.

I"ll have to go through & verify the permutations again, but with the new rules, the combinations look at be:

  1. 3 bottoms, 6 tops, 1 accessory
  2. 3 bottoms, 5 tops, 1 dress, 1 accessory
  3. 3 bottoms, 4 tops, 2 dresses, 1 accessory
  4. 4 bottoms, 5 tops, 1 accessory

Twist to contest rules

The updated rules:-

We are adding a fun little "twist" in our contest. I know I know its late to add this but I am pretty sure that all your current sewing will count...

A total of 10 pieces are required. You can certainly make more if you wish.

  1. One item must be an accessory sewn by you. It could either be a Bag, Hat, Gloves or Shoes/Slippers

  2. There are no specific requirements on what garment pieces you will make in this as long as there are More Tops than Bottoms and there are atleast 3 bottoms

  3. All Tops should coordinate with at least TWO Bottoms. This rule does not apply if you are making a dress.

  4. One of the items in the 10 pieces you make can be a knitted item. i.e. Hand knit by you. Knitting machine items do not qualify

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Simplicity 5099, Top and dress

I'm still working on my pants but after that I am going to sew
Simplicity 5099

first as a top and then as a dress

12 piece wardrobe plans for the Winters

Deep Winter
1. Jacket: Black
2. Jacket: Red
3. Dress: Red
4. Skirt: Black
5. Skirt: Red
6. Skirt: Black /red Pattern or blend
7. Trousers: Black
8. Blouse: White
9. Blouse: Red /lemon /white pattern
10. Blouse: Lemon
11. Blouse: Red and white
12. Sweater/Wrap: White

Cool Winter
1. Jacket: Navy
2. Jacket: Stone
3. Dress: Magenta
4. Skirt: Navy
5. Skirt: Stone
6. Skirt: Navy and stone weave or pattern
7. Trousers: Navy
8. Blouse: Magenta
9. Blouse: Magenta and navy
10. Blouse: Navy and stone
11. Blouse: Navy
12. Sweater/Wrap: Navy

Clear Winter
1. Jacket: Charcoal
2. Jacket: Royal blue
3. Dress: Royal blue
4. Skirt: Charcoal
5. Skirt: Royal blue
6. Skirt: Charcoal /Royal clue pattern or blend
7. Trousers: Charcoal
8. Blouse: White
9. Blouse: Icy blue
10. Blouse: Charcoal and Icy Blue
11. Blouse: White and Royal blue
12. Sweater/Wrap: White

12 piece wardrobe plans for the Autumns

Soft Autumn
1. Jacket: Olive
2. Jacket: Khaki
3. Dress: Bittersweet
4. Skirt: Olive
5. Skirt: Khaki
6. Skirt: Olive/Khaki/Ivory Weave
7. Trousers: Olive
8. Blouse: Ivory and olive
9. Blouse: Bittersweet
10. Blouse: Bittersweet and olive
11. Blouse: Ivory and olive
12. Sweater/Wrap: Olive

Warm Autumn
1. Jacket: Golden brown
2. Jacket: Bronze
3. Dress: Light Clear Gold
4. Skirt: Golden brown
5. Skirt: Bronze
6. Skirt: Golden brown and bronze weave
7. Trousers: Golden brown
8. Blouse: Light Clear Gold
9. Blouse: Bronze and Light Clear Gold
10. Blouse: Buff
11. Blouse: Bronze and buff
12. Sweater/Wrap: Bronze

Deep Autumn
1. Jacket: Black brown
2. Jacket: Rust
3. Dress: Marigold
4. Skirt: Black brown
5. Skirt: Rust
6. Skirt: Black brown / Rust weave
7. Trousers: Black brown
8. Blouse: Rust and Ivory
9. Blouse: Rust and Marigold
10. Blouse: Ivory
11. Blouse: Marigold
12. Sweater/Wrap: Black brown

12 piece wardrobe plans for the Summers

Light Summer
1. Jacket: Light charcoal
2. Jacket: Medium blue
3. Dress: Rose
4. Skirt: Light charcoal
5. Skirt: Medium blue
6. Skirt: Light charcoal / Medium blue / Soft white weave
7. Trousers: Light charcoal
8. Blouse: Soft white
9. Blouse: Soft white and grey
10. Blouse: Medium blue and soft white
11. Blouse: Medium blue and rose
12. Sweater/Wrap: Medium blue

Cool Summer
1. Jacket: Blue charcoal
2. Jacket: Soft white
3. Dress: Raspberry
4. Skirt: Charcoal blue-grey
5. Skirt: Soft white
6. Skirt: Blue charcoal and Soft white weave
7. Trousers: Blue charcoal
8. Blouse: Soft white
9. Blouse: Raspberry
10. Blouse: Raspberry, Blue charcoal and Soft white
11. Blouse: Icy Pink
12. Sweater/Wrap: Soft white
Soft Summer
1. Jacket: Pewter
2. Jacket: Amethyst (pinky purple)
3. Dress: Dusty Rose
4. Skirt: Pewter
5. Skirt: Amethyst
6. Skirt: Pewter /Amethyst /Soft White
7. Trousers: Pewter
8. Blouse: Dusty Rose
9. Blouse: Soft White and Amethyst
10. Blouse: Pewter and Amethyst
11. Blouse: Pewter and Dusty Rose
12. Sweater/Wrap: Pewter

12 piece wardrobe plans for the Springs

Clear Spring
1. Jacket: Charcoal
2. Jacket: Warm pink
3. Dress: Purple
4. Skirt: Charcoal
5. Skirt: Warm pink
6. Skirt: Charcoal & Warm Pink weave
7. Trousers: Charcoal
8. Blouse: Purple
9. Blouse: Warm pink & charcoal
10. Blouse: Ivory
11. Blouse: Warm pastel pink
12. Sweater/Wrap: Charcoal

Warm Spring
1. Jacket: Golden Brown
2. Jacket: Buttermilk
3. Dress: Rust
4. Skirt: Golden Brown
5. Skirt: Buttermilk
6. Skirt: Golden Brown/Rust/Buttermilk Weave
7. Trousers: Golden Brown
8. Blouse: Yellow gold
9. Blouse: Golden Brown and Buttermilk
10. Blouse: Buttermilk and Rust
11. Blouse: Rust and Yellow Gold
12. Sweater/Wrap: Golden Brown

Light Spring
1. Jacket: Ivory and Camel
2. Jacket: Camel
3. Dress: Ivory and Camel
4. Skirt: Camel
5. Skirt: Ivory and Camel
6. Skirt: Camel and Ivory Weave
7. Trousers: Camel
8. Blouse: Ivory and Camel
9. Blouse: Ivory and Clear Aqua
10. Blouse: Clear Aqua
11. Blouse: Peach and Aqua
12. Sweater/Wrap: Ivory

12 piece co-ordinated wardrobe capsule

In the UK book 'The Complete Style Guide' by Mary Spillane or in its US equivalent 'Color Me Beautiful Looking Your Best' there is a little section called 'Wardrobe Planning for your season'. Here Mary puts together a standard 12 piece mini co-ordinated wardrobe capsule, but varies the colours for each sub season (she's working with the 12 seasons in the later CMB books, see the book for more details).
The items she has are as follows:
1: Jacket
2: Jacket
3: Dress
4: Skirt
5: Skirt
6: Skirt
7: Trousers
8: Blouse
9: Blouse
10: Blouse
11: Blouse
12: Sweater or swing wrap

If we allow substitution of extra pants for 2 of the skirts, my plan matches hers if I add an extra toning sweater or cardigan wrap. I don't knit so it'll have to be sewn or purchased.

A couple of MandS Items I liked

I just loved these two items from Marks and Spencer. The jacket has a neutral background printed with purple, chocolate, light brown and rust, all of which could be used in plains for pants and tops. A great start for a planned wardrobe.
The second thing I liked was the stripe wrap over shirt. It has a bias peplum and the wrap is secured with 3 shirt buttons, whilst the sash ties on top. Pretty and practical, and gives me an idea for my stripe shirting fabric.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Here's the first complete outfit

Quite a bohemian look in outfit 1, with the bolero jacket, cowl neck tunic top and khaki elastic waist pants.
I've added a khaki bead necklace I threaded myself to tie the pants to the other items, and I think it works quite well.
Not pictured Minorcan traditional sandals which match the jacket.

New Look 6364 Bolero Jacket

The Bolero Jacket is finished. Its a dark Salmon pink, almost rust coloured and has matching trousers not yet completed.

As you can see the original has short sleeves. I went through my other patterns comparing sleeve caps until I found one which matches almost perfectly. I cropped it to 3/4 length and used it in the jacket.

New Look 6364 Bolero Jacket Review

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Wardrobe Contest Plan Storyboard

I suspect I don't have a new career in fashion drawing, but its good enough to show you what I plan to do.

Latest Wardrobe Contest plan

My latest thoughts on the Wardrobe Contest are that I am going to sew the option
* 4 tops, 4 bottoms, 1 dress, 2 jackets

I will have a go at drawing this out and post a picture for everyone to see.
In this version the dress just needs to look OK with both jackets to meet the rules?