Tuesday, 5 June 2007

12 piece wardrobe plans for the Winters

Deep Winter
1. Jacket: Black
2. Jacket: Red
3. Dress: Red
4. Skirt: Black
5. Skirt: Red
6. Skirt: Black /red Pattern or blend
7. Trousers: Black
8. Blouse: White
9. Blouse: Red /lemon /white pattern
10. Blouse: Lemon
11. Blouse: Red and white
12. Sweater/Wrap: White

Cool Winter
1. Jacket: Navy
2. Jacket: Stone
3. Dress: Magenta
4. Skirt: Navy
5. Skirt: Stone
6. Skirt: Navy and stone weave or pattern
7. Trousers: Navy
8. Blouse: Magenta
9. Blouse: Magenta and navy
10. Blouse: Navy and stone
11. Blouse: Navy
12. Sweater/Wrap: Navy

Clear Winter
1. Jacket: Charcoal
2. Jacket: Royal blue
3. Dress: Royal blue
4. Skirt: Charcoal
5. Skirt: Royal blue
6. Skirt: Charcoal /Royal clue pattern or blend
7. Trousers: Charcoal
8. Blouse: White
9. Blouse: Icy blue
10. Blouse: Charcoal and Icy Blue
11. Blouse: White and Royal blue
12. Sweater/Wrap: White


Ann said...

Wow!! You have been busy planning wardrobes for people of all seasons. They are wonderfully put together and would be gorgeous made up.

I enjoy watching what you are making. Your coral wardrobe is shaping up nicely. My 5 pieces of fabric sit and wait for school to end so I can sew.


RuthieK said...

Ann, I just typed them in out of the book LOL
So can't take credit personally.
I think the colour combos are quite good, but some of the suggested weaves and print would be impossible to find even when sewing for yourself let alone when buying RTW.