Saturday, 9 June 2007

Twist to contest rules

The updated rules:-

We are adding a fun little "twist" in our contest. I know I know its late to add this but I am pretty sure that all your current sewing will count...

A total of 10 pieces are required. You can certainly make more if you wish.

  1. One item must be an accessory sewn by you. It could either be a Bag, Hat, Gloves or Shoes/Slippers

  2. There are no specific requirements on what garment pieces you will make in this as long as there are More Tops than Bottoms and there are atleast 3 bottoms

  3. All Tops should coordinate with at least TWO Bottoms. This rule does not apply if you are making a dress.

  4. One of the items in the 10 pieces you make can be a knitted item. i.e. Hand knit by you. Knitting machine items do not qualify

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