Monday, 25 February 2008

reorg time

I have been reorganising my computer and sewing space into one hobby room, and decided to start by packing everything up and repainting the room. The paint job is great now just have to unpack and arrange everything in the right place.
I won't be sewing for a little while, but at least have the computer working again!

I realise this was a crazy thing to do during the wardrobe contest but when I got the idea to do it I just wanted to get it done not wait any longer, and hopefully I will be massively productive once my space is ready.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Cut out first top Simplicity 4699

Tonight I cut out my first garment for the 2008 Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest.
Its the knit shell from Simplicity 4699 in dark peach slinky. It has two pieces - a front and a back so all the time goes on finishing off all the edges, with special care being taken with the neckline.
Hopefully it will be finished Friday/Saturday and you can see me modelling it. I always think its more helpful to see the garments on a real, no model body, then you know what it looks like in a size 16 :-)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wardrobe Plans

My plans for the Pattern review Wardrobe Contest 2008 are as follows:-
Burnt orange coat
Rust cropped pants
Peach shell knit top
Burnt orange crinkle blouse
Cream blouse
Peach blouse
Navy pants
Navy skirt
Navy denim pants
Brown faux leather tote

I will post individual reviews as I complete the garments.
I plan for the burnt orange coat, the peach shell and the tote bag to be from Simplicity 4699. And I may well make one or all of the pants from this too and really get my money's worth from the pattern.

The burnt orange crinkle blouse is likely to be a wrapover with sleeves though the details are not worked out yet. Its lovely fabric which I bought on the PR weekend in Germany in 2007, but the crinkliness is likely to be the challenge there.

The peach blouse is from quite a sheer fabric, its a light peach and maybe no good for my skintone, so it may yet not make it. I will ask a couple of my girlfriends before I spend time on it.

The navy skirt will probably be from the Loes Hinse Gore skirt, heavily modified, and the cream blouse is going to be a women's shirt style blouse with shaping etc.

Let's see how much I match up to my original plan going forward.