Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Lampshade Duro top in progress

I have started on the latest version of Simplicity 5099. This one is in the Lampshade fabric, with contrast plain aqua style in a simplified Duro homage. It's only half done and I can't stop laughing. I've not had so much fun sewing a garment in a long time.

The details are that I cut the neckband twice the original width and sewed it so that it shows, I also have added bands at the bottom of the sleeves which are 7/8ths here (bracelet length) and a sewn in band (with no ties) just under the bust. The main body has also been cut 6" longer to be tunic length. I decided not to add a lower band as I don't need a horizontal line there.

From a distance it looks like a slightly angular floral print and then you look a little closer , and (if you are me) can't stop laughing. DH is horrified that I want to make clothing out of such silly fabric which may limit its wear to shopping on Saturdays!


Laura said...

Oh Ruthie, I really like the fabric and find it perfectly wearable. If I had a top like that, I guess I couldn't help being in a good mood when wearing it!

RuthieK said...

Thanks Laura. I hope to finish it off on Friday evening and review it on Pattern review. Then I'm off to see my parents for the weekend so no sewing until I am back.