Sunday, 13 May 2007

Extra Fabric options

Oh no I now have a dilemma. I went to the fabric shop and they had a lovely furnishing fabric with coral and light khaki weave sort of chenille fabric. I bought enough to make a jacket.
I also bought some red coral striped knit which is not an issue. Plus a cute viscose print with lampshades which was just a whim but works quite well.

If I use the new coral and khaki fabric for a jacket all the coral tops, the cream top and the white/khaki check are OK
BUT the khaki stripe and khaki/teal knit then clash as they have other colours in them as well.
URK I am not sure which version of the plan to go with.
I don't have to decide just yet as I can make up the coral top and the khaki bottoms and defer the decision.....


Nancy Winningham said...

It looks like it will all go together to me. The only problem will be if any of your bottoms are prints. How lucky you were to find the coral fabric - that's exactly what I was looking for to give my SWAP some pop - I couldn't find it and ended up with a bright yellow instead. I love your fabric choices

RuthieK said...

Hi Nancy. Yes the coral is lovely isn't it. Brighter than I would normally pick out myself but my mum held it against my face said it was wonderful and made me buy it!

I'm not sure the khaki stripes which are supposed to be a blouse really work with the new proposed jacket fabric though - maybe I need to show it to my non sewing but well co-ordinated friend when I see her next - these things can be clearer in the flesh.

The bottoms are all differnt shades of dark khaki, no prints, it s just whether the fleck in the jacket clashes with some of the other tops fabrics.

Thanks for commenting Nancy!

Ann said...

Nice fabric Ruth. I think all the fabrics will go if they are tops. If the flecks in the jacket are small, you won't notice them against the fabric. But that is my opinion.