Sunday, 13 May 2007

Tidying up

Last night I decided to tidy up around my sewing area.
To the right of the sewing machine, I have a plain child's toy box under the window with cushions on it as a window seat and I keep the Wardrobe Competition fabrics in there.
I moved out the leftovers from the Timmel teal and brown Woodland Walk SWAP and put the khaki and coral in there instead. I still need to spend some time putting the pattern pieces back in the right envelopes and putting away the patterns I am not going to use this time but the area feels less cluttered already so I am pleased about that.

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Audrey said...

Reading the "Tidying up" post made me feel guilty. My Timmel swap fabrics are still lying about, even though I have started sewing summer fabrics, while trying to follow the SWAP coordination rules, with moderate success. I admire your SWAP momentum, and love the colors on your City Safari SWAP.