Saturday, 5 May 2007

My PR Wardrobe Contest 2007 Plan as at 5 May 2007

For the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest 2007 competition I am planning a 'City Safari' wardrobe in Khaki and Coral. I think the green/brown/grey of the khaki will set off the richness of the coral well

Plans so far:-
  • Jacket in khaki twill
  • Straight leg pants in khaki twill
  • Skirt in khaki twill
  • Wide leg pants in lighter khaki fabric
  • Cropped pants/culottes in crinkle khaki
  • Knit tops in coral/cream print and khaki/teal print fabrics
  • short sleeve top in white/khaki check
  • long sleeved blouse in coral fabric and cream eyelet
  • simple top in coral crinkle and khaki stripe fabrics
Above lists 7 tops not 6, as I may find I am short of fabric for some of them. I still need to measure out the khaki twill and see if there is enough for the jacket, pants and skirt (I am a little doubtful).


Jeanbluecat said...

Hi Ruthie, are your 'City Safari' colors posted anywhere? I'd love to see them. I loved your 'Woodland Walk' SWAP. I loved the way you used the orange to brighten it up. Good luch to you in the PR SWAP!

RuthieK said...

Hi Jean Blue cat they are not yet but I will add some pics here tonight.